Wonderful Husband

by Miss_Murder

Yes … I’m bragging!

It’s February 10th, 2015 and Valentine’s Day is 4 days away – I always go through this phase where I want this and that, and tell my Husband David that it can be considered a Valentine’s Day gift >.<

There were a few things: An extension of my left arm tattoo (it’s all my childrens names – I wanted to get my newest child’s name added) but that’s a given – I WILL at some point this year be adding her name, and I kinda want to wait until she’s old enough to watch it get done.

I finally settled on a spur of the moment thing – Prismacolor Colored Pencils online!


I’ve been wanting a set of these pencils for years! Ever since I spotted them at Michaels Arts & Crafts Store when I was 12 years old. My Grandma Connie (may she rest in peace) told me when I was younger that she would love to get them for me, but I should wait until I am more experienced as an Artist. 100% understandable, considering they are very expensive pencils.

I’m just so very excited! I’m getting the “Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils, 150 Colored Pencils” … 150 pencils!!!

I just can’t WAIT to use them!!!

As an Artist self taught, natural talented … my first medium was pencils and colored pencils. So it’s very thrilling to know I can go back to my main medium and have such a wonderful piece to my art supplies collection!

I have so much stuff to work with thanks to my Husband – He honestly believes in me and knows how much I cherish things like art supplies – Honestly the best gift anyone can give me – Every year I try and tell family and friends just to give me a gift card to Michaels Arts & Crafts for either my Birthday or Christmas lol.

work-areaMy work area is nice and neat, I try and keep it as organized as I possibly can – Given my work area is located in the Living Room, I make due with what room I have, maybe in the future, we’ll own a home and after all my kids move out, I can turn a room into an Art Studio – My own little ‘hideaway’.

I have trouble with knowing there is little I can not do, I can mold cute figures with Polymer Clay, I can make beaded spiders out of seed beads and wire, make friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss, water color & paint with acrylics, sketch with pencils and pens, etch in wood (pyrographics), make wonderful dream catchers, make native american beaded loom jewelry, sew … So many things!


20150111_231513 120141002_094348






But these things require supplies and materials … which of course, require money 😦

I’ve started my own business, it’s called ‘Crafted DreamScapes‘, I have it on Etsy and at one point did have my own website, but it’s currently down due to wanting to manage one site at a time right now.

I make a decent amount, when I ‘do‘ sell something, however as an Artist, I’m always wanting more supplies and materials – So I know my Husband has put in more money than I have made over the years – but like I titled this, I have a WONDERFUL Husband!

I just hope I can get more of my art sold – I work very hard on it and it always makes me feel good when someone actually buys one of my pieces!
I love that someone else gets to enjoy something I created!!!

I just hope these pencils were worth the wait! Since I’ve wanted them for over 18 years lol.

I’ll have to make sure I upload a picture after I use them – Show off my ‘skillz‘ haha!