Bio: I am current 30 years old. I am a Mother of 4 WONDERFUL children. My Daughters: Laura, Sage and Rogue My only Son: Aiden - My Step-Son: Liam Laura, Sage and Aiden are from a previous relationship, I am a victim of Domestic Violence, but I am also a SURVIVOR of it. My Daughter Rogue is from my current relationship and Marriage 🙂 There will be a blog with 'more' about ME on this subject - As I've been in and out of Custody Court and I have a LOT to say about it and the history of it all. I will say this now though, I am a WONDERFUL mother - I've been painted horrible colors by those who are intimidated by me and the fact that I AM a great Mother and always will be. They can't change that and they can't break me - ever. I am a artist, of all sorts - I currently run an Etsy Shop, which is an Online Store, mainly for crafters and small companies. You can find a link to my Shop on my Profile 🙂 I've been married to my Husband David for 2 years, but we've been together for 5 1/2 awesome years! We live in a nice small community outside of the Twin Cities - It's a interesting little town - but it's home. I love to read book, mainly Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Mystery, horror and Spiritual stuff. I am a HUGE movie 'buff', I LOVE watching movies. There are very few movies I haven't seen or saw parts of. My main focus of my blog(s) is to review movies and hope to give some helpful insight on them. Along with the books that I read as well. I find that most people go into watching a movie with the wrong impression and thought of what the movie 'should be' and what it ends up actually being. Which sadly most of the time they give a bad review of a movie - Not bothering to give it much of a chance, especially in a day where Special Effects rule the movies. Well ... that's a pretty good start to 'me' ... Like I said, there will be a blog description later on when I find the time - As Rogue is 2 months old currently and she LOVES attention and being cuddled or at least touched to know there is someone there by her. 🙂

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